Helicopter flying training to student pilots and certified flight instructors

The part on helicopter flying training is a thorough technical manual created especially to help candidates getting ready for their private, commercial, or flight instructor pilot certifications that include a helicopter class rating. For certified flight instructors as well, this part is an invaluable teaching resource.

Preparing for Pilot Certificates

This training part equips you with the knowledge and abilities you need to successfully achieve your desired pilot certificates, whether your goal is to become a flight instructor, private pilot, or commercial pilot. Numerous subjects are covered, such as emergency procedures, weather, helicopter aerodynamics, flight controls, systems and components, flight instruments, navigation, and much more.

A Valuable Training Aid for Flight Instructors

This training segment is especially beneficial to certified flight instructors because it provides a thorough guide to teaching helicopter flying.

Through the use of this section, flight instructors may make sure that the knowledge they are imparting to their students is current and accurate, which will ultimately result in safer and more skilled helicopter pilots.

In general, both certified flight instructors and aspiring pilots can benefit much from the section on helicopter flying training. It offers the information and direction needed to earn pilot certificates and improve teaching abilities, both of which eventually advance the expansion and advancement of the aviation sector.

Introduction to the Helicopter

Aerodynamics of Flight

Helicopter Flight Controls

Helicopter Components, Sections, and Systems

Rotorcraft Flight Manual

Weight and Balance

Helicopter Performance

Ground Procedures and Flight Preparations

Basic Flight Maneuvers

Advanced Flight Maneuvers

Helicopter Emergencies and Hazards

Night Operations

Effective Aeronautical Decision-Making (ADM)