Aircraft manufacturers use different formats for their weight and balance data, but Figure is typical of a weight and balance revision record. All weight and balance records should be kept with the other aircraft records. Each revision record should be identified by the date, the aircraft make, model, and serial number. The pages should be signed by the person making the revision and his or her certificate type and number must be included.

Weight and Balance Revision Record
A typical airplane weight and balance revision record

The computations for a weight and balance revision are included on a weight and balance revision form. Appropriate fore-and-aft extreme loading conditions should be investigated and the computations shown. The date those computations were made is shown in the upper right corner of Figure. When this work is superseded, a notation must be made on the new weight and balance revision form, including a statement that the new computations supersede the computations dated “MM/DD/YY.”

The weight and balance revision sheet should clearly show the revised empty weight, empty weight arm and/or moment index, and the new useful load. An example of these entries can be found at the bottom of Figure.