The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) considers the addition or removal of equipment included in the Comprehensive Equipment List to be a minor alteration. The weights and arms are included with the items in the equipment list, and these minor alterations can be done and the aircraft approved for return to service by an FAA-certificate mechanic or repairman. The only documentation required is an entry in the aircraft maintenance records and the appropriate change to the weight and balance record in the POH/AFM. [Figure 1]

Equipment List
Figure 1. A typical 14 CFR part 23 weight and balance record
Equipment List
Figure 2. Typical comprehensive equipment list

Figure 2 is a comprehensive list of all Cessna equipment that is available for the Model 182S airplane. It should not be confused with the airplane-specific equipment list. An airplane-specific list is provided with each individual airplane at delivery and is typically found at the end of the Pilot’s Operating Handbook. The following comprehensive equipment list and the airplane-specific list have a similar order of listing.

The comprehensive equipment list provides the following information in column form:In the Item No column, each item is assigned a coded number. The first two digits of the code represent the assignment of an equipment item within the ATA Specification 100 breakdown (Chapter 11 for Placards, Chapter 21 for Air Conditioning, Chapter 77 for Engine Indicating, etc.). These assignments also correspond to the Maintenance Manual chapter breakdown for the airplane. Items receive a unique sequence number (01, 02, 03, etc.). After the sequence number (and hyphen), a suffix letter is assigned to identify an equipment item as required, standard, or optional. Suffix letters are as follows:

  • R = required item or equipment for FAA certification
  • S = standard equipment item
  • O = optional equipment item replacing required or standard item(s)
  • A = optional equipment item that is in addition to required or standard items

In the Equipment List Description column, each item is assigned a descriptive name to help identify its function.

In the Ref Drawing column, a drawing number is provided that corresponds to the item.

Note: Additional equipment must be installed in accordance with the reference drawing, service bulletin, or a separate FAA approval.

In the Wt and Arm columns, you find the weight in pounds and arm in inches of the equipment item.

Notes: Unless otherwise indicated, true values (not net change values) for the weight and arm are shown. Positive arms are distances aft of the airplane datum; negative arms are distances forward of the datum. Asterisks (*) in the weight and arm column indicate complete assembly installations. Some major components of the assembly are listed on the lines immediately following. The sum of these major components does not necessarily equal the complete assembly installation.